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You can rest assured that your building is protected and lives
will be saved with our fire protection and sprinkler installation.

Consultation and Risk Analysis

Our highly trained and qualified team will work with you to analyze your property or building plans. We ensure that the correct product and systems are selected for your building’s safety and security.

We take the time to thoroughly analyze each project and our team ensures you get the right product or system for the risk involved. We offer free consultations, so contact us today to get started.


At Provincial Sprinkler Company Ltd, we are passionate about fire safety. For over 40 years, we have been designing state of the art sprinkler systems to save lives and protect property.

We offer the complete design of automatic sprinkler installations, including Wet, Dry, Deluge & Pre-action systems, Fire Pump sets, Underground fire mains for BS EN12845, LPC EN12845: Part 2, FM Global and NFPA standards.

We also use 3D design capabilities to show our clients how their property will be protected. We follow and adhere to the highest quality standards and ensure the design is expertly created for your safety and security.

We use the latest in sprinkler design technology using AutoSprink software, this allow us to 3D coordinate our design, fully hydraulically calculated systems, produce material fabrication & stock list with the click of a button.

Sprinkler Systems We Install

You can rest assured that your building is protected and lives
will be saved with our fire protection and sprinkler installation.


Once the design has been approved, our team of seasoned professionals will step into action. We will install the approved system in accordance with LPC BS5306: Part 2, FM Global and NFPA standards.

Don’t worry about project management as we are highly experienced and stick to tight deadlines. We have a wide range of specialised trades on our team including contract managers, foremen and fitters, who are all experienced professionals dedicated to excellence. We ensure the project is installed properly, efficiently and safely.

Full Guarantee

We proudly provide full certification and as-built drawings to the client. With Provincial Sprinkler Company Ltd, we guarantee the system will operate effectively and combat fire should the need arise.


PSCL caters to many of the world’s leading Irish-based companies, not only to design and install automatic sprinkler systems but to keep them operating efficiently by regular inspections and maintenance.

We will give detailed instructions to your company’s representative on how to carry out weekly tests on the system to comply with insurance requirements. PSCL will perform quarterly, bi-annual or annual inspections and maintenance as agreed with the client. If a problem should ever arise with the system, our competent team is always on hand to solve them. Being Cork-based means we are no further than a phone call away.

Additionally, if your current system is experiencing problems or requires maintenance, contact PSCL today and we will happily send a trained team member to analyze the system in question, provide professional recommendations and work to resolve any problems if possible. Ensure your system is functioning properly and is up to date. Contact us today.

Highest Standards In Fire Safety

We are an LPS 1048 Level 4 qualified and approved sprinkler contractor which complies with Sprinkler Standards of BS EN12845 & Loss Prevention Council (LPC).

LPCB 1048 Level 4 Certification which is the highest level of approval, this allows us to self-certify our works to all categories of sprinkler works without supervision.

We design, supply, install, commission and maintain all categories of Sprinkler and Water-based fire protection systems. In addition to BS EN12845 and LPC systems, we also confirm to the NFPA & Factory Mutual (FM) Standards.

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