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Protecting Cork and Area for over 40 Years

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Your safety is our top priority.

No one likes to think about the devastating effects of fire on both a personal and professional level. Provincial Sprinkler Company Ltd. is dedicated to providing the highest possible standards of fire safety and security. With a professionally designed, installed and maintained sprinkler system from Provincial Sprinkler Company Ltd you don’t have to worry.

With over 40 years in business, Provincial Sprinkler Company Ltd has been serving Cork and Irelands and the U.K’s leading companies with exceptional design, installation and maintenance of sprinkler systems and fire prevention. We are located in Cork and are active members of our community.

With Provincial Sprinkler Company Ltd. you get the highest quality standards, exceptional service and professionalism. We value your safety and your protection is our priority.

Experience You Can Trust

Provincial Sprinkler Company Ltd was founded in 1980 by Brendan Shannon & Gabriel Brennan to fill what they considered a void in the sector. Forty years later, the company is flourishing and expanded to serve clients throughout all of Ireland. Focusing on industries such as residential, industrial, commercial, pharmaceutical, data centres, retail and logistics, Provincial Sprinkler Company Ltd is dedicated to providing the highest standards possible in fire safety and prevention.

With leading international companies such as Apple, Dell, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Ireland, Eli Lilly, Striker, Gilead Sciences, Baxter Healthcare and many more. Most recently, Provincial Sprinkler company has been very successful in the residential market with large multi-storey apartments and student accommodations. We believe that no project is to big nor too small to install sprinklers.

Protecting Ireland for over 40 Years

The Advantages of Working With Us

Meet All Applicable Codes

Our team holds the highest standards and we are LPC EN12845: Part 2, FM Global and NFPA standards-compliant. Ensure your buildings are up to standard, safe and protected.

Insurance Requirements

Meet your insurance requirements and lower your fees with a fully installed sprinkler system by Provincial Sprinkler Co. Ltd. You can rest assured that your building is protected and lives will be saved with our fire protection and sprinkler installation.

Enhanced Safety for Your Property and Employees

Our systems are designed to suppress a fire, should one arise, which prevents fire damage and can save lives. Rest assured that life is better when you are protected. Why wait when these life-saving measures can easily be designed, installed and maintained with PSCL?

Automatic Systems

Our systems automatically respond to a fire, so you don’t have to wait for firefighters to arrive at the scene. Our systems react promptly and automatically and are much faster than human reaction times.

Reduce Property Damage

Sprinkler systems that are well-designed and properly installed will control a fire and any fire or water damage will be localised to a specific area. By extinguishing the fire at inception, our sprinkler systems reduce danger, heat and smoke damage and protect your employees and property.

Exceptional Service

Our highly trained team offer professional service at every step of the process and we go above and beyond to ensure our clients have a positive experience. We care about our clients and take the time to answer any questions, explain how everything works and we handle all project management, making life easier for our clients.

Quality Guarantee

With Provincial Sprinkler Company Ltd, we guarantee the system will operate effectively and combat fire should the need arise. We proudly provide full certification and as-built drawings to the client.

Meet the Team

Gabriel Brennan

David Roche

Keith Brennan

Simon Shannon

Sprinklers Save Lives

More Than 35 Years of High-Quality Service

Don’t let fire destroy your future. Contact Provincial Sprinkler Company Ltd today for a free consultation to get started.

Our highly trained team offers exceptional service and professionalism and we adhere to the highest standards in fire safety. Whether you require assistance with design, installation or maintenance, we can do it all.

Your safety and protection are our highest priority. For peace of mind, safety and security, contact us today.